Uses and advantages of PHP

The language of PHP is a server side scripting language with the main purpose of maintaining and generating the HTML content. PHP is also known as HTML embedded server-side web scripting language that gives the direction to the website in the form of XML content. There are many versions of PHP with the latest version of PHP4.

Application Control:

The starting phase of the PHP language was purely based on the application end, but later found out that it can also be used for the designing and handling the access for the HTTP servers. More advancement has been done in this scripting side and can be used as a application in the Microsoft Word and Excel.

Database Access:
The other advantage of this is that it can have direct access to the database from all every plug-in module. By using the PHP along with the MySQL will become a common interface system for a core PHP module. The other most common databases will be included with the modules that are to be added in the PHP to allow access. The access can be mostly done with any of the SQL or ODBC database, because from both the database the reading and writing process can be done. This enhances the online business and provides a storage space in the server, also the usage of e-commerce is increasing day by day.

File Access:
All the type of files can be accessed, along with the read and write option. This gives directory maintenance and provides the data’s and information’s that is stored in the database to be accessible, instead of getting coded into the database. The file generation in various formats such as HTML, PDF, XML and many others. This is also one of the popular tools for processing the XML for HTTP distribution. It can also be used to generate emails and also to retain the standard mail format.

With the PHP the graphic content as well as the text content can be managed, with the use of several charts and graphs to show the live progress. It generates the PNG and GIF images and allows adding a text template button for easy access and dynamic stability to the website layouts. No new image is needed for this; it can be added from the each individual buttons.

It is one of the most extensible languages which are written in C language for easy understanding and usability. This can also be extended to a newer level with more modification. The use of open source coding and expansion of this coding is mainly done with the use of it.

Flash web design techniques

The ultimate tool that makes the design and imagination of the users to be in presentable and flexible way in making a better compatibility for the website and design. It is design that can be applied to all the inner pages and also the banner pages that will be very attractive. If the whole design has to be good the flash web design has to be done. The features such as online demos, flash presentation and business developing attributes make the clients more attractive to the design.

Flash Website:

The old method of designing in web has been replaced by the latest technology called as the Flash website. This helps to create the websites with animation, and matching sound effects. The technique used in the designing is the static version. This will be more helpful for the persons like business, industrialists, retailers, cooperate marketers mostly make use of this advanced technology. This flash technology has features that enhances and allows providing the required design for the customers.

Design for Flash Website:

The designing in the flash website can be made with various attractive tools, such as Flash scripting, animation, photo galleries, building brand images and many more. Flash presentation and  enhancing the design of the concept will lead to  better effects and technical advancements.

Payment Gateway Integration

The Payment Gateway Integration is the e-commerce service that gives authorization for the payments and the business that is done online. It uses many security techniques that make the online transaction easy for the users. The Point of sale (POS) represents the terminal at each retail outlet and is the gateway for the payment that also helps the retailers in the most secure way possible.

This is a system that helps the users and the customers to make the payment easier. This is used to locate the user information from the source where the payment is made. The gate integration of the payment is used to encrypt the customer’s sensitive information, credit card numbers, and many other personal details. This technique also helps the money transfer between the merchant and the customer in a secure and safe manner.

The Paypal is one of the global e- Commerce businesses that allow the user to make payments and money transfers. The entire transaction takes place through the internet i.e online in many of the services. This gives an additional way of payment rather than traditional way of cheques and money orders.


The WorldPay is also a payment processing company that was formerly known as RBS WorldPay that does the payment services for all the Internet retailers. This is mostly used in the United Kingdom for the payment of all the bills. This is also one of the secure ways of online payment.

Google checkout:

The Google checkout is a more simplified online transaction services that is provided by Google. In this the users information is stored beforehand I the Google account and when the user can retrieve data by just clicking on the on-screen button. Google has protection for the mis conduct of your information.

The other payment services are:

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Social Media Marketing: How to Implement This Proven Trend into Your Business

By Edmond Hong
Guest Writer

Did you know that there are nearly 800 million Facebook users in the world? The original brainchild of Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow roommates, Facebook started with humble beginnings back in 2004. They have since developed Facebook into one of the most popular and successful social media networking websites. Facebook is now not just a way for family and friends to connect, but even has changed the way companies do business.

In the 2011 business world Tweets have become our business cards and Facebook invitations have developed into our handshakes. Only a few years ago many business owners relied upon the normal customs of networking such as exchanging contact information and sealing it with an iconic handshake. Social media has become the go-to means of networking and connecting with other businesses. With numerous opportunities that once could never be accessed now being available within hours, it’s only natural that successful businesses will want to take full advantage of social media marketing.

Coming up with a successful marketing plan is the first step in creating and running a successful business. It is imperative that you employs long term strategies to market your business on facebook. Unfortunately it’s also one of the most difficult steps as well. Numerous opportunities and advantages have made themselves available for businesses throughout the world thanks to Facebook, Twitter and specific businesses related websites like LinkedIn. Through the use of social media marketing even micro-businesses can reap the benefits of exposure and sales.

Increased sales and profit is ideal but what about customer relations? Social media is ideal for not just communicating with your customers but also give them a reason to really become loyal to your trusted business. The ability to connect with thousands of people instantly is one thing that no business would want to do without. Marketing through social media is a proven way of building strong customer relations. Providing high-quality, interesting content about your business will help increase sales even more.

Understanding Social Media Marketing



If you plan on joining a few social media networks, uploading some content and sitting back waiting for business to roll in you’ll be sadly disappointed. One of the main reasons social media is such a beautiful concept is because you are able to interact with your customers. The truth of the matter is in order to take full advantage of the benefits this type of marketing has to offer you need to engage your customers. When you engage your customers you are building an important repertoire. Your social media marketing foundation will be based upon this.

The perfect tool to gain loyal customers and build a successful reputation, all while keeping an eye on competition, is through social media optimization (SMO). The main reason that SMO is so successful is because you can learn what the consumers do, and don’t, want through direct interaction. The basis of social media marketing is the ability to target specific markets, build a stable reputation, as well as provide compelling content. Not only will you communicate with your customers, but providing interesting content is a sure way to have those customers share the same information with others.

Why Implement Social Media Marketing



1. Increased Sales from Exposure

Businesses who take advantage of social media marketing are quickly realizing the power of a single message. On Facebook one single post can be “shared”. For example, let’s say each of the thousands of people on your friend’s list shared a single message on your page. When you message is shared each person on your friend’s list is exposing your company to their friends. This is essentially the ultimate form of “word of mouth” and one of the best means of advertising. A single person can literally affect the chances of thousands visiting your page. This is one reason why compelling content is so essential in social media marketing. Even the smallest of businesses can successfully gain exposure using this technique. Here are 20 top tips for how to create a facebook business page.

2. Better Ranking with Search Engines

If you’ve spent the time building your business and creating an amazing website it won’t help much if you can’t direct traffic to it! Search engine ranking is vital because it helps to drive visitors to your sites through searches on Google or Yahoo for example. Increased visitors and traffic equals more sales. Facebook and Twitter, along with other networking websites, are key in backlinking your website on your profile and accounts. When you backlink information often you are boosting your rankings in search engines.

3. Budget Friendly

Running a marketing campaign can be very difficult for small businesses to grasp. Not only are traditional techniques of marketing costly and take a lot of time, but they sometimes do not work out as well as planned. Small businesses need a marketing technique that is budget friendly but offers amazing results in terms of exposure. You can easily open an account on Facebook for instance and begin your marketing strategies that day. The amazing thing is that many of these networking websites are completely free to join and use! On top of that, once you really begin bringing in traffic you can usually buy ad space or even friends to increase exposure and sales even more. As long as you take the time to really write engaging content and build your friend foundation you will be rewarded with excellent results.

4. Develop Committed Customers

A small business’s success is greatly dependent upon how many committed customers they have. These types of customers are the ones who will want to buy from your business time and time again simply because you have won over their loyalty and trust. You can connect with these people and engage the ones who already are by running a blog or regularly posting on a social media networking website.

One of the most wonderful things about social media marketing is that you can build loyal relationships with your customers easily and simply! Just by providing compelling content and staying in touch through comments you can turn a consumer into a customer. Not every people enjoy typical “salesy” speech or feel pressured into buying from a company. Every customer prefers a more personal approach and this is exactly what social media marketing offers.

5. Connect with Other Businesses

Connecting with customers is of course an extremely important part of a successful social media marketing campaign, but what about other businesses. It is important to realize that networking with other businesses can greatly expose your own business to similarly targeted populations. It is also important in developing cooperative relationships rather than trying to simply out-do your competition.

The main goal of social media marketing is to drive your audience towards other venues of information such as a website where more information from articles are waiting. If you don’t have the ability to do this your campaign will plummet. To help you with this remember to always converse personally with each customer and give them helpful information. Stay away from anything impersonal such as automated responses. Always work towards engaging your customer base to keep them coming back to you time and time again.

Though an SMM campaign is simple to understand and implement, it will take some time before you really begin seeing increased sales and watch your business develop as a brand. The time it takes to connect with your customers, whether loyal or dedicated, will pay back in the long run. Even if your first try at an SMM campaign doesn’t go as well as planned you will at least gain a better understanding of what your targeted audience really wants.

Wrapping It Up



Social media marketing is ideal for small businesses as it yields amazing benefits such as:

  • Increase business exposure (something every business needs)
  • Sales improved ( the more traffic, the more customers, the more sales)
  • Budget friendly (It is dramatically less expensive that traditional campaigns)
  • Search engine ranking rises (more traffic to your site)
  • Build loyal customer foundation (more credibility to your business)

Author Bio:

Holding honors in both Civil Engineering and Business Marketing from Monash University, Edmond Hong is a well-known expert in the field of small business marketing. He has been a featured writer in the business section of Age Australia as well as having been published in the New York Times. He owns a social media marketing website where online marketers could buy facebook fans and likes. Edmond Hong enjoys coaching up-and-coming entrepreneurs and writing marketing books in his beautiful suburban home in St. Kilda, Melbourne.

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